Carbon Fiber Centrifuge Rotors

Designed for us in biomedical and microbiological labortories

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Fremont, Calif, introduces the Fiberlite LEX rotor series of centrifuge rotors. The solutions feature the Fiberlite® carbon fiber rotor design. The Fiberlite F10-4×1000 LEX and Fiberlite F12-6×500 LEX rotors provide RCF up to 16,880 xg and 24,515 xg, respectively, to maximize productivity. They have been designed for use in biomedical and microbiological laboratories, and provide multiple levels of protection against biological agents and infectious substances, enhancing biosafety. Fiberlite LEX rotors feature a dual-locking lid that provides sample containment by enabling the rotor to remain sealed while being transported to a biocontainment hood. The rotors also feature Bioseal technology and enhanced liquid containment, which prevents biohazardous samples from escaping to the surrounding environment if spilled.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

Delivers high-confidence quantitative and qualitative workflows

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Fremont, Calif, introduces the Thermo Scientific Q Exactive high-performance benchtop quadrupole-Orbitrap LC-MS/MS. It brings together quadrupole precursor selection and high-resolution accurate mass (HR/AM) Orbitrap™ mass analysis to deliver high-confidence quantitative and qualitative workflows. The Q Exactive mass spectrometer makes it possible to identify, quantify, and confirm more trace-level metabolites, contaminants, peptides, and proteins in complex mixtures, in one analytical run. Fast scanning and spectral multiplexing ensure the system is fully compatible with UHPLC separations. Fast positive-negative scan-to-scan polarity switching enables detection of a wide range of compound types in a single analysis. The instrument also features new ion source optics; an integrated quadrupole mass filter; advanced signal processing; and new C-Trap ion optics, among other new features.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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Syringe Pump

Offers smooth flow from 3.06 pL/minute to 215.8 mL/minute

Harvard Apparatus, Holliston, Mass, has released the new PHD ULTRA™ 4400 Syringe Pump for high-pressure applications. The high-pressure infusion/withdrawal programmable pump offers enhanced flow performance and smooth flow from 3.06 pL/minute to 215.8 mL/minute. The pump, which is suited for stainless steel syringes, can deliver more than 200 pounds of linear pumping force with accurate and smooth flow. It enables labs to create, save, and run complex methods with advanced programming features. The equipment features a color LCD touch screen, and horizontal or vertical orientation for both display and mechanism. The pump offers a range of accessories including syringe heaters, in-line heaters and coolers, microfluidic circuits, connectors, tubing, syringes, and more.

Harvard Apparatus
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Optima 8×00 Series Spectrometers

Features new RF generator technology

PerkinElmer Inc, Waltham, Mass, has launched its Optima™ 8×00 series of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometers (ICP-OES). ICP-OES is a highly sensitive, rapid technique for determining the elemental composition of a wide variety of sample types. The Optima 8×00 series features new radio frequency (RF) generator technology that reduces argon consumption, thus driving a reduction in the cost of ownership with increased efficiency. Other features include eNeb™ Sample Introduction, which offers stability and superior detection limits, a patented RF generator featuring maintenance-free plasma induction plates in place of the traditional helical load coil, and continuous viewing of the plasma with the PlasmaCam™ viewing camera.

PerkinElmer Inc
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For measuring DNA in low-volume samples

Biochrom, Holliston, Mass, offers the Biowave II / II+ UV-Vis spectrophotometers for measuring DNA in low-volume samples. The spectrophotometers come with 500 70-µL disposable cuvettes and a 100-µL pipette free of charge. They offer a cost-effective, multitasking alternative providing application flexibility, lower detection limits, and better accuracy when measuring samples at low concentrations compared with dedicated microvolume instruments. The traditional cuvette-based measurement protocols used by Biowave allow kinetics, Bradford, and other colorimetric assays in addition to DNA and RNA measurements.

(877) 246-2476

eLine Pipette

Reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury

The eLINE Pipette from Biohit Inc, Neptune, NJ, features electronic operation, which helps to significantly reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury. One eLINE electronic pipette covers the volume of two mechanical pipettes. These units are available in single-channel models covering the volume range of 0.2 to 5,000 µL and multichannel models from 0.2 to 1,200 µL. The eLINE pipettes are twice as fast as mechanical pipettes and feature unique electronic tip ejection.

Biohit Inc
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For femtoliter to microliter injections

Warner Instruments, Hamden, Conn, introduces the new PLI-100A Pico-Injector for accurate femtoliter to microliter injections. The PLI-100A injector is capable of performing large injections into capillaries or small injections in mammalian nuclei. Injections are delivered through micropipettes by applying a regulated pressure for a digitally set period of time. Pressure to the pipette is controlled through a multiturn regulator and is reported digitally for reproducibility. Injection time is set using an optically encoded circuit, which permits fine and coarse settings from a single knob. Control the timer via the panel push button, footswitch, or external trigger input. Balance, clear, and hold functions help to eliminate dilution and clogging, and allow the user to fill the pipette from the tip and hold suspended cells.

Warner Instruments
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