NeoGenomics, Fort Myers, Fla, is collaborating with Inivata, Cambridge, UK, to commercialize the InVisionFirst-Lung liquid biopsy test in the United States.
InVisionFirst-Lung is a circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) next-generation sequencing liquid biopsy assay testing 37 genes relevant to the care of advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. The test covers all National Comprehensive Cancer Network guideline-recommended genomic drivers with FDA-approved targeted therapies for NSCLC. InVisionFirst-Lung results are delivered within 7 calendar days from blood draw, and the test is covered by Medicare and various private insurance payers for patients with advanced NSCLC meeting certain clinical criteria.


Douglas M. VanOort, neoGenomics.

“We are pleased to announce this exciting collaboration with Inivata and to offer our clients a high-quality liquid biopsy alternative for advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients,” says Douglas M. VanOort, chairman and chief executive officer of NeoGenomics. “We expect this test to be an attractive option for clients pursuing liquid biopsy testing, given a highly competitive turnaround time and Medicare coverage. As a leading provider of tissue-based lung cancer testing in the United States, NeoGenomics is well-positioned to commercialize this liquid biopsy test as part of our comprehensive suite of testing solutions for non-small cell lung cancer.”

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