Mark Capone
  Mark Capone

Myriad Genetics Inc, Salt Lake City, will adopt the ThunderStorm™ Target Enrichment System from RainDance Technologies Inc, Lexington, Mass, for Myriad’s next-generation sequencing-based Hereditary Cancer Panel (HCP) test.

Under terms of a multiyear agreement, RainDance will provide Myriad with ThunderStorm systems, reagents, gene panels, and consumables.

Myriad’s strategic relationship with RainDance marks an important milestone in Myriad’s preparation for the future launch of its next-generation HCP test, according to Mark Capone, president of Myriad Genetics Laboratories.

“The ThunderStorm System offers Myriad unparalleled genomic coverage, the ability to detect large gene rearrangements, workflow benefits, and a favorable cost profile, all of which have been critical in overcoming the challenges associated with creating content- rich next-generation sequencing gene panels suitable for a high throughput commercial laboratory,” Capone says.

“The Myriad relationship builds on our proven track record with more than 70 major genetic and translational research labs worldwide,” says Roopom Banerjee, president and CEO, RainDance. “With our proprietary platform, Myriad is establishing a new industry standard for next-generation sequencing of cancer and inherited disease.”

The ThunderStorm System uses a proprietary single-molecule droplet technology for sequence enrichment and enables customers to target up to 20,000 regions of the genome using any of the commercially available next-generation sequencing platforms. Myriad evaluated several sequence enrichment technologies for its planned HCP launch, and the ThunderStorm System represented the most automated and affordable solution for large-volume genetic testing, the company says.

Myriad is working to incorporate RainDance’s technology into its next-generation HCP test, which will evaluate numerous high-prevalence genes that play a critical role in inherited cancer risk. Myriad’s HCP
test will provide physicians and patients with actionable, life-saving, information on a broad spectrum of cancers.

[Source: Myriad Genetics]