photo The BD Directigen Flu A+B is a rapid in vitro assay for the direct and qualitative detection of influenza A and B viral antigens.
The assay features the ability to distinguish influenza A viral antigens from those of influenza B. During the testing procedure respiratory specimens are applied to two wells of a ColorPAC test device, providing results in less than 15 minutes.
     This enzyme immunoassay membrane test detects influenza A or B antigens from specimens of symptomatic patients. Suitable specimens include nasopharyngeal wash, nasopharyngeal aspirate, nasopharyngeal swab, lower nasal swab, throat swab and bronchoalveolar lavage.
     Positive and negative test results are based on the presence or absence of influenza A or influenza B antigen in the specimen. Results are determined by visual color development in the ColorPAC wells of the test device. Development of a purple triangle on the membrane in either the A well or the B well of the test device indicates a positive test for either influenza A or influenza B.
     The kit includes 20 ColorPAC devices, the necessary reagents, positive and negative controls, and tubes and tips for specimen extraction.
Keyword: influenza A/B