Health Discovery Corporation (HDC) has announced that their new gene-based molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer has now successfully completed its Phase III double-blind clinical trial and is now ready for commercialization. It will be presented at the upcoming Biomarker Discovery Europe 2008 conference in Dublin, Ireland on October 2-3. The new prostate cancer test will be performed at Clarient’s Clinical Laboratory in Aliso Viejo, CA. HDC will receive 30% royalty on each test performed.

Dr Stephen Barnhill, Chairman and CEO of HDC, was invited to participate as a Distinguished Presenter on the Faculty of the Biomarker Discovery Europe 2008 Summit. Other Distinguished Presenters at the Conference include Senior Executives from companies such GlaxoSmithKline, Hoffmann-La Roche, AstraZeneca, Celgene, Abbott Laboratories, BD Diagnostics and others, as well as speakers from academia and the FDA. In addition, Dr Herb Fritsche, Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Chief of the Clinical Chemistry Section at The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas and Chairman of HDC’s Science Team will be a Keynote Speaker at the Conference.

Dr Barnhill will present the results from Phase I, Phase II and Phase III double-blind clinical validation studies now completed with prostate tissues obtained from multiple sites, including those tested in collaboration with MD Anderson Cancer Center which demonstrated a very high success rate for identifying the presence of Grade 3 or higher prostate cancer cells (clinically significant cancer), as well as, normal and BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) cells. His presentation will emphasize that to date, 322 prostate tissues have been tested—and that the combined results of the recently completed double-blind clinical validation studies demonstrated on the new gene-based molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer achieved a Sensitivity of 90% for correctly identifying the presence of Grade 3 or higher prostate cancer cells, and a Specificity of 97% for correctly identifying non-cancer cells (normal and BPH), representing an overall test accuracy of 93%.

"I am honored to be asked to join the list of Distinguished Presenters at this very important medical conference and look forward to discussing the successful results of our recently completed clinical trials for the HDC molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer with the distinguished members of the Faculty, as well as, all of the participants who sign up to attend the conference," stated Stephen D Barnhill, MD, Chairman and CEO of Health Discovery Corporation. "I am pleased to have the opportunity to introduce HDC’s new gene-based prostate cancer test to the market like similar molecular diagnostic tests based on unique gene expression profiles such as OncotypeDX from Genomic Health, Inc and MammaPrint from Agendia."

SOURCE: Health Discovery Corporation