Lee McCracken

Pathwork Diagnostics Inc, Redwood City, Calif, will provide Kindstar Global (Kindstar) with the FDA-cleared, IVD-kit version of its Pathwork Tissue of Origin Test.

Cancers are treated differently based on what type of cancer they are. When the disease is metastatic at the time of diagnosis, determining the type of cancer can be especially difficult.
“The [removed][removed]Pathwork Tissue of Origin test[/removed][/removed] is a valuable complement to immunohistochemistry in determining site of origin for lesions that are poorly differentiated or show staining and morphology patterns that are inconsistent with clinical expectations,” says Lee McCracken, president and CEO, Pathwork Diagnostics.”
Shiang Huang, MD, founder and CEO, Kindstar, says having access to this test allows the company to expand the testing services it offers Chinese physicians.

Kindstar Diagnostics Co Ltd, with laboratory facilities in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan, provides esoteric diagnostic testing services to hospitals and physicians in every province of China. It is the first and largest esoteric diagnostic testing business in China, providing laboratory testing services to more than 3,300 Chinese hospitals, including 930 large, leading hospitals, the company says, adding that it is becoming the partner of choice to physicians in China for advanced diagnostics in many medical specialties including hematology, oncology, infectious diseases, and medical genetics.
[Source: Pathwork Diagnostics]