Cancer molecular diagnostics company Epigenomics AG announces that Quest Diagnostics Inc, Madison, NJ, successfully completed the clinical validation of its Septin9-based laboratory-developed test for aiding the detection of colorectal cancer.

Under terms of a license agreement between the companies for Epigenomics’ proprietary DNA methylation biomarker Septin9, Epigenomics will receive a milestone payment from Quest Diagnostics upon reaching this milestone. The amount of the payment was not disclosed.
"Validation of our Septin9 laboratory-developed test is an important step forward in providing a test that physicians can use to help them identify patients with colorectal cancer," said Jay G. Wohlgemuth, MD, Vice President of Science and Innovation, Quest Diagnostics. "We intend to release the test in the US later this year."

"Quest Diagnostics’ successful development and validation of a laboratory-developed blood test based on Septin9 is an important step forward in making this innovative approach to colorectal cancer detection broadly available," commented Geert Nygaard, Chief Executive Officer of Epigenomics. "We are confident that this patient-friendly option for colorectal cancer testing, once brought to market in the US, will help reduce mortality from this disease among Americans."

Source: Epigenomics AG