The RanplexCRC diagnostic test, from Randox, is able to detect 28 polymorphisms associated with colorectal cancer in a single stool sample. It does not require a hospital visit or dietary restrictions, while having greater sensitivity than the currently used Fecal Occult Blood (FOB) screening test, which more accurately profiles patients and reduces the number of patients for colonoscopy, saving time and resources and reducing patient discomfort.

Most sporadic colorectal cancers follow a well recognized progression from normal cells through adenoma (abnormal glandular growths) to cancer, driven by mutations in a small number of genes. RanplexCRC can simultaneously detect 28 mutations from four key genes in cancer or pre-cancer cells shed into the bowel. Selected mutations present in APC, KRAS, BRAF and Tp53, along with wild-type control sequences, are represented on 2 biochips detected using Randox’s Biochip Array analyzers.

The Randox family of Biochip Array analyzers are immunoassay testing platforms that work by combining panels of related tests on a single biochip. The chemiluminescent endpoint is detected by a CCD-camera and quantified by a custom image-processing software. Evidence, a fully automated analyzer for high-throughput laboratories, and the Evidence Investigator, a semi-automated analyzer for low-throughput laboratories and research purposes, are both available from Randox.