Actifluor ADAMTS13

Protease assay

American Diagnostica Inc, Stamford, Conn, offers the Actifluor ADAMTS13 Activity (ref 812), a fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) assay that measures the amount of ADAMTS13 protease activity in human plasma and aids in the diagnosis of acquired TTP. A citrated plasma sample is assayed for ADAMTS13 protease activity using a novel recombinant vWF86-ALEXA FRET substrate. Proteolytic cleavage of the vWF86-ALEXA FRET substrate by ADAMTS13 uncouples the ALEXA fluorochromes, resulting in an increase in fluorescence. The increase in fluorescence over time (Vmax) due to cleavage of the substrate by ADAMTS13 is monitored at 37°C using a spectrofluorometer (Ex=485 nm; Em=535 nm). A standard curve is constructed using normal plasma with a known concentration of ADAMTS13. The ADAMTS13 activity in the plasma is determined by interpolation of the Vmax values from the standard curve. The assay can quantitate ADAMTS13 to less than 5% of normal values.

American Diagnostica Inc
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Liquichek™ Microalbumin Control

Third-party control

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, Hercules, Calif, introduces the new Liquichek microalbumin control, a liquid human urine-based third-party control for monitoring the precision of microalbumin test procedures. The Unity™ Interlaboratory Program with peer-group comparison is available for use with the product. The control offers two levels and provides assayed values for microalbumin and creatinine. It has a 2-year shelf life when stored at 2–8ºC, and provides a 30-day open-vial stability at 2–8ºC. The product was designed for use with human protein, for improved microalbumin precision performance, across a range of systems. Assayed values are provided for most test methods. A sample is available upon request.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc

Proteomic Grade Detergents

For protein applications

Proteomic grade detergents offered by G-Biosciences/Genotech, St Louis, contain reduced peroxides and carbonyl compounds and have less than 50uS conductivity. The nonionic detergents are offered as 10% aqueous solutions, sealed under inert gas, and are suitable for protein applications and for isolating membrane-protein complexes.

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JAK2 MutaQuant Kit

Mutation kit

The new JAK2 MutaQuant Kit from Ipsogen Inc, New Haven, Conn, is a research tool for the quantification of JAK2 V617F mutation. The diagnosis of myeloproliferative disorders is traditionally based on clinical, bone marrow, histological, immunophenotypic, and cytogenetic criteria. The discovery of mutated JAK2 gene, this disease-specific molecular marker, simplifies the process and diagnostic accuracy. Defining the presence of the mutation is now part of clinical diagnostic algorithms to prevent patient pain and trim costs. Quantification of JAK2 V617F mutation load helps to measure response to existing or new targeted therapies. Mutated JAK2 provides information about the nature of an elevated platelet or red blood cell count that occurs frequently. The company has developed a range of molecular assays based on mutations in the JAK2 gene.

Ipsogen Inc
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For radiometric kinase and GPCR assays

Millipore Corp, Billerica, Mass, introduces the latest addition to the MultiScreen family of filter plates: the MultiScreenHTS+ for radiometric kinase and GPCR assays. The filter plate has a mesh backing to create uniformly flowing wells to improve washing efficiency. The new plate design helps reduce overall nonspecific binding and variability in background and signal intensities. The filter plates allow for higher throughput, greater assay sensitivity, and detection flexibility.

Millipore Corp
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Access® Hybritech® PSA Test and Free PSA Test

For the detection of cancer

The Hybritech Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test from Beckman Coulter Inc, Fullerton, Calif, was approved for the detection of prostate cancer when used in combination with digital rectal examination in men aged 50 years or older. The clinical PSA cutoff of 4.0 ng/mL was established on samples from more than 6,600 men tested with the Hybritech calibration. Hybritech and WHO calibrations are available outside the United States. The product’s original PSA monoclonal antibody pair is available on the company’s Access immunoassay system. The system’s chemiluminescent technology delivers highly specific and sensitive performance. PSA exists in multiple forms in the blood. Most is bound to proteins, but some is free-floating. In the early 1990s, it was discovered that measuring the ratio of “free” to “total” PSA could further help in distinguishing prostate cancer from benign prostate disease. The Hybritech free PSA test helps determine the percent of free PSA. The measurement of the percent of free PSA improves the accuracy of prostate cancer detection while eliminating a projected 20% of prostate biopsies.

Beckman Coulter Inc
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