BING Innovations LLC has launched DigiVibe, a cordless handheld device that uses vibrations to eliminate the pain of finger-pricking for blood sugar testing. Specifically designed for blood glucose monitoring, DigiVibe applies vibration directly to the finger, which blocks pain signals to the brain and helps to make the process more tolerable for both children and adults.

While many people only get their finger pricked at their annual checkup, for those with diabetes, glucose monitoring means having to prick the finger three or more times daily. DigiVibe was created to reduce the pain and anxiety of checking glucose levels, whether the patient is not keen on needles or just weary of repeated finger pricks.

The portable device adheres to any flat surface for hands-free use, making self-testing and diabetes management easier and more convenient. For physicians who regularly deal with diabetic patients or for individuals who must test their glucose levels regularly, the DigiVibe device can make the process easier and virtually painless in as little as 12 seconds, according to the company

“The conventional way to test blood sugar for diabetes is often associated with pain, discomfort, and even fear, but DigiVibe has set out to dramatically make this experience better,” says Marcelo Bendix, MD, endocrinologist and DigiVibe medical advisor. “Pain and finger soreness are among the top reasons diabetics sometimes skip blood glucose testing, which is not only dangerous but also makes it quite difficult for them to effectively manage diabetes. DigiVibe is truly a game-changer; it will allow patients to stay on top of their glucose testing and no longer fear the dreaded finger-prick they have to endure in the doctor’s office and at home.”

The DigiVibe Starter Kit includes a carrying case containing the DigiVibe device, a stand, and a tip; a lancing device; five 30-gauge lancets; and one AA lithium battery. The battery is designed to last for approximately three months or roughly 450 finger sticks for a single user. There is enough space in the carrying case to fit regular test strips and a glucose testing device. Additional accessories or refills of supplies can also be ordered. One-time use disposable tips and lancing devices are also available for medical practitioners.

DigiVibe is a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered and CE-certified device. It is designed in the United States and manufactured in Mexico.