GeneIQ, a molecular diagnostics (MDx) company based in Dallas, Texas, debuted its One Choice Report and Antimicrobial Stewardship Program. The new report is aimed to provide clinicians with comprehensive and actional clinical guidance for treating infectious diseases. The diagnostic panel is ideal for clinicians seeking to quickly identify pathogens with precision and avoid overutilization of antibiotics by incorporating advanced antibiotic resistant detection methods. 

The GeneIQ One Choice report features a PCR based detection method that includes a robust diagnostic panel of microbial organisms commonly found in urinary tract infections, women’s health related infections, sexually transmitted infections, and wound infections. The assay is designed to offer breadth and depth of microbial detection in an easy-to-read interpretive report that can be expanded online or on mobile devices, offering clinicians the insight they need to make timely and informed clinical decisions and to choose the right antibiotic treatment option.  

GeneIQ’s one-page report summary provides simple, actionable information for healthcare professionals. The report incorporates polymicrobial infections, antibiotic resistance markers, antibiotic side effect profiles, and the patients’ known antibiotic allergies to help select treatment that is both safe and effective. In addition, by incorporating antibiotic stewardship as a central component of its testing paradigm, GeneIQ aims to offer providers and stakeholders the ability to monitor trends of infections in their community and to track antibiotic resistance as a key indicator. By doing so, GeneIQ says it hopes to promote appropriate use of antimicrobials, improve overall patient outcomes, reduce microbial resistance, and decrease community spread of infections caused by multidrug-resistant organisms.

Featured Image: GeneIQ’s One Choice Report offers effective alternatives in treatment from traditional culture testing. Photo: GeneIQ