Diaago, San Ramon, Calif, has partnered with Mawi DNA Technologies to create and provide customizable solutions utilizing Mawi DNA’s iSwab technology and diaago’s large range of sample storage tubes for optimal lab workflow automation.

“The Mawi portfolio of proprietary buffers for various analytes in Micronic sample storage tubes is only available from diaago,” says Jackson Hyde Founder and CEO of diaago. “It is a forward-thinking, researcher-focused solution that we are proud to bring to the market.”

This collaboration will “expand market access, especially for automation and biobanking,” says Bassam El-Fahmawi, PhD, president and CTO of Mawi DNA Technologies. “Diaago offers a wide range of tubes and racking systems that fit well into automation and manual sample processing workflows. [This will] allow us to expand the offering of the iSwab room temperature stable sample collection technology into different tube formats that are amenable to the existing lab infrastructure.”

The iSwab technology and alcohol-free iSwab buffers allow for noninvasive collection, stabilization, concentration, transportation, extraction, and storage all in one tube. Samples collected in the iSwab buffers are room temperature stable, eliminating cold chain requirements and reducing transportation and storage costs.

“Time is critical, now more than ever,” says Hyde. “Researchers can save time and reduce risk by receiving the Mawi buffers in the Micronic sample storage tube.”

For more information, visit diaago and Mawi DNA Technologies