ImmunoPrecise Antibodies, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is collaborating with the University of Victoria laboratory of Alexandre Brolo, PhD, to develop a colorimetric antibody-based test for the detection and screening of covid-19 using patient saliva for a home-test kit.
The color change readout will be measured using a cell phone camera and analyzed by a custom cell phone application. The results, including the general location of the test (by zone rather than by specific household, to comply with privacy rights) can be uploaded to a Cloud-hosted database. Resulting test data will provide health authorities with immediate information about the number of infections and their general locations.

“While the diagnostic testing is only one portion of [our] overall coronavirus program, the need for a highly reliable, quick, and easy-to-administer diagnostic is an unmet need, and the laboratory of Dr. Brolo has the expertise and game plan we are honored to contribute to,” says Jennifer Bath, PhD, president and chief executive officer of ImmunoPrecise Antibodies.

Highly specific monoclonal antibodies are the main components required for the development of immunoassays. The antibodies for this project will be generated using ImmunoPrecise Antibodies’ proprietary B Cell Select platform. The high affinity and selectivity of the resulting antibodies will enable tests with no crossreactivity, low background, and enhanced detection.

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