Helix Virtual Medicine has designed a proprietary tracking software for employers that would streamline their compliance with the latest COVID-19 regulations, which allows employees to self-administer COVID-19 tests.

The telehealth solution can service both remote and on-site workers via a platform that assists with testing, recording, and reporting. The platform can be used on a smartphone and allows for testing that can be both self-administered and self-read by the employee.

HVM designed the solution in preparation of a possible federal mandate from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) that would require employers with 100 or more employees to implement a mandatory, weekly COVID-19 testing program for unvaccinated workers.

“Through our virtual solution, employers would provide their employees with a safe and secure at-home option,” says Robert Rodriguez, MBA, CEO of Helix Virtual Medicine. “We can send tamper-proof kits directly to employees and give employers the confidence of a verified solution that includes video monitoring and photo verification.”

In partnership with human resources, HVM will provide a link for employees to initiate a video connection with a medical professional once employees receive their test kits. The employee collects a sample, places it into the test kit, and encloses it in a tamper-proof bag. The employee receives a message to take and upload a photo of the result for record-keeping.

The HVM staff then reviews the result and records the outcome in their proprietary tracking software.

Featured image: Helix Virtual Medicine OSHA COVID-19 Testing Program for Employers. Photo: Helix Virtual Medicine