ELITechGroup MDx, Puteaux, France, and partner Osang Healthcare, Anyang, Republic of Korea, have received FDA emergency use authorization to allow use of their SARS-CoV-2 virus test in the United States.

The GeneFinder Covid-19 Plus RealAmp kit provides a fast and easy-to-use diagnostic solution to rapidly identify clusters of infection. The test has been validated using the ABI 7500 thermocycler and Bio-Rad CFX96 cycler—both of which are popular polymerase chain reaction (PCR) instruments found in diagnostic laboratories throughout the United States.

The test kit employs a single tube rather than multiple reactions, and uses alveolar fluid, throat swab, or sputum samples to detect the virus, delivering qualitative results within hours.

“The dramatic explosion of the novel coronavirus is affecting lives in every state,” says ELITechGroup CEO Christoph Gauer. “Hospitals and labs need access to reliable covid-19 test kits, and we are here to support the medical professionals on the front lines working to prevent the spread of covid-19.”

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