Vircell launched a new independent molecular control, Amplirun Monkeypox Virus DNA Control, which is aimed at helping laboratories combat the current monkeypox outbreak.

By the time that the WHO (World Health Organization) declared Moneypox a public health emergency of international concern in July 2022, Vircell had already has developed several solutions in order to help laboratories to detect the virus.

The Amplirun Monkeypox Virus DNA Control is one of this solutions, which is a positive amplification control that contains purified DNA of Monkeypox virus, to be used as a control research technique based on nucleic acids amplification.

Some product features to note include:

  • Complete genome DNA control.
  • Any target can be amplified.
  • Allows validation of RT-PCR assays.
  • Precise concentration in copies/µl.
  • Non-infectious materials with inactivation certificate.
  • Lyophilized presentation ensures stability and reduces transport costs. No special transportation conditions are required.
  • Independent third-party controls valid for any molecular testing platform

Amplirun Monkeypox Virus DNA Control could be used as:

  • Quality assurance of the amplification testing.
  • Limit of detection and assay specificity.
  • Lot-to-lot verification assay.
  • Development, optimization, and validation of new assays.
  • Training and trial purposes.
  • Regulatory requirements and accreditation compliance.

Vircell is a provider of independent external run controls for nucleic acid testing.

Vircell presented at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo, introducing this and other solutions in molecular biology such as their RT-PCR kit for Bacterial Meningitis.

Featured image: Amplirun Monkeypox Virus DNA Control. Photo: Vircell