Keystone Laboratories will now be testing hepatitis and HIV panels at its in-house lab located in Asheville, North Carolina. Keystone Lab provides clinical and forensic toxicology testing services throughout the southeastern U.S.

Included in the panels will be hepatitis C antibody testing to determine if the individual has hepatitis C. HBsAg, the hepatitis B surface antigen which determines a current hepatitis B infection. HBc IGM, the hepatitis B Core antibody which is another marker to help determine active hepatitis B infection and hepatitis A IgM antibody testing that determines an active hepatitis A infection.

Keystone Lab will also be offering a HIV one-half antigen and antibody combo that can provide a positive before HIV antibodies are made, which allows for faster disease treatment and better outcomes.

“Bringing hepatitis and HIV testing in-house allows us to better serve our community and clients,” says Jim Wolfe, CEO of Keystone Laboratories, Inc. “High-risk individuals such as those with addiction, healthcare professionals, and those exposed to hepatitis A such as childcare and food workers can now trust Keystone Lab to deliver fast and accurate results while being a premier choice for their hepatitis and HIV testing.”

Additional benefits of adding in-house hepatitis and HIV panels are to benefit those receiving STI tests, and the hepatitis panel is also occasionally done in acute liver disease situations.

Keystone Laboratories is a dual CAP-accredited and CLIA certified lab providing clinical and forensic toxicology testing services for more than 35 years.