Sera Prognostics, a company focused on improving maternal and neonatal health by providing innovative pregnancy biomarker information to doctors and patients to address preterm birth risks, presented data demonstrating the health and economic benefit of its PreTRM test-and-treat strategy.

The presentation titled “Clinical and Economic Utility of a Proteomic Biomarker Preterm Birth Predictor: Analysis of a Large and Diverse Pregnancy Cohort” was given by lead author Julja Burchard at the The Professional Society for Health Economics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) 2022 international conference.

The study, using patient data from the Multicenter Assessment of Spontaneous Preterm Birth Risk Predictor Study, modeled the effects of two test-and-treat intervention strategies (case management alone and a multi-modal strategy of case management together with progesterone treatment) in subjects determined to be at higher risk of spontaneous preterm birth by their measured PreTRM Test results. The analysis demonstrated that with case management alone:

  • Neonatal and maternal length of hospital stay was reduced significantly by 22% and 8.5%, respectively.
  • Moderate-to-severe neonatal morbidity and mortality fell significantly by 29%.
  • Neonatal costs associated with hospital stay decreased by 16% after intervention cost but did not reach significance.
  • Adding pharmacological treatment in the multi-modal strategy strengthened reductions and significance.

“Consistent with previously published data, this study, conducted by leading researchers in maternal-fetal medicine and neonatology, continues to demonstrate significant benefits of Sera’s test-and-treat strategy in reducing adverse impacts of prematurity,” says Gregory C. Critchfield, MD, MS, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sera Prognostics. “This work highlights the benefit of biomarker testing to enable more proactive interventions in pregnancies that are truly at higher risk for preterm delivery, yielding cost-savings as a consequence of improving newborn health.”

The PreTRM test is a broadly clinically validated commercially available blood test that provides an early individual risk assessment for spontaneous preterm birth in asymptomatic, singleton pregnancies.

Sera Prognostics is a health diagnostics company dedicated to improving the lives of women and babies through precision pregnancy care. The company aims to deliver early, pivotal information in pregnancy to physicians, enabling them to improve the health of their patients, resulting in reductions in the costs of healthcare delivery.