Yourgene Health, an international molecular diagnostics group, has launched the MagBench Automated DNA Extraction Instrument and Kit. The MagBench solution is available to Sage customers across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. MagBench offers a simple, fast, and cost-efficient, bench-top robotic cell-free DNA (cfDNA) extraction workstation optimised for Yourgene’s Sage 32 NIPT Workflow, according to the company. This provides clinical laboratories with a streamlined end-to-end solution, from sample to report, enabling them to provide a more accurate and competitive non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) service.

The MagBench Automated DNA Extraction Instrument features a touchscreen user interface with built-in protocols, offering fast run times and flexible sample throughput to meet the laboratory’s testing needs, the company says. The MagBench Extraction Kit comprises sample and elution tubes, pre-sealed cartridges with all the reagents needed for efficient cfDNA purification, and individually packaged tip sets with a unique cross-notch design for precise volume pipetting.

Increased automation during DNA extraction limits hands-on procedures, minimizing the chance of human error, and, with single-use tip disposal and a built-in UV lamp for decontamination between runs, it minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, according to the company. It also helps improve the accuracy and consistency of pipetting, resulting in a lower failure rate. 

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Sage Prenatal Screen offers a Safe, Accurate, Genetic Evaluation of placental DNA in maternal blood using next-generation sequencing in three days. The NIPT workflow includes extracting DNA from the maternal plasma using MagBench, followed by library preparation and enrichment, sequencing, and Sage Link analysis to estimate the risk of a fetus having trisomy 21, 18 or 13, rare autosomal aneuploidies, sex chromosome aneuploidies and the most clinically relevant microdeletions.

“Yourgene is committed to delivering best-in-class NIPT solutions, where precision and quality assurance are key. MagBench enables an economical and automated NIPT workflow,” Rob Henke, PhD, VP of sales, Asia-Pacific at Yourgene Health. “Reducing manual procedures improves user experience, facilitating true walkaway time while minimising the risk of contamination and improving testing accuracy. This decreases the number of screening failures, greatly improves efficiency, and helps lower expectant parents’ anxiety.”

Featured image: MagBench is a simple, fast, cost-efficient, bench-top solution which reduces manual errors, increases efficiency, permits longer walkaway time and improves accuracy thanks to automated cfDNA extraction. Photo: Yourgene Health