Stirling Ultracold, Athens, Ohio, a developer and manufacturer of ultralow temperature (ULT) freezers for life science and biopharma research, has introduced ULT25NEU, a portable and deployable ULT freezer. Small and light, the ULT25NEU has been granted the CE mark and is cTÜVus certified to the UL 471 standard for commercial refrigerators and freezers. The new unit features a temperature range of –20° C to –86° C (–4° F to –123° F) and replaces the company’s ULT25NE Shuttle with both a new look and wireless remote temperature monitoring.


Scott Masiella, Stirling Ultracold.

The model’s optional SenseAnywhere wireless monitoring system allows users to receive alarms from anywhere. Collected data ensures temperature integrity for real-time temperature reporting during transit to ensure sample efficacy. SenseAnywhere self-powered wireless sensors communicate with and store data in the Cloud and are accessible from any smart device.

“The ULT25 portable ULT freezer protects valuable biological materials in the field and can be deployed quickly and easily to clinical sites or to collect specimens, while extending controlled cold storage time,” says Scott Masiella, director of product management at Stirling Ultracold. “This freezer is ideal for clinical trials, biologic drug, and immunotherapy delivery because it is small and plugs into any outlet worldwide or DC power from an automobile adapter. This ULT freezer keeps samples safe due to the reliability of the free-piston Stirling engine.

Weighing 46 lb, the ULT25NEU can be shipped anywhere in the world as a parcel. Because it uses 100% natural refrigerants, no special export shipping classifications are required.

For more information, visit Stirling Ultracold.