Thorne home health image crop640Thorne, New York, has introduced five at-home health tests for fertility, heavy metals, sleep, stress, and thyroid function that measure an individual’s unique biomarkers. The tests can uncover specific health insights, which are converted into a personal plan for what to eat, how to exercise, and whether to add nutritional supplements to improve health outcomes.

Depending on which test they choose, consumers collect a blood, saliva, or urine sample at home and ship the sample to a laboratory certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA). When the results are ready, Thorne sends the individual an email with instructions for accessing the test results, as well as personal wellness recommendations. Thorne’s analytical software produces the medically supervised, algorithm-driven recommendations, but the online platform presents them in a simple digital dashboard.

The Thorne dashboard helps consumers spot trends and areas for future concern by providing meaningful insights about their individual results. Whether it’s an insight about how low normal thyroid function can put someone at risk for symptoms of an underactive thyroid, or what it means to test above normal limits for a particular heavy metal, the home tests are designed to ensure that consumers understand the health implications of their results. Thorne also encourages consumers to share these evidence-based results with their doctors; and if they don’t have a doctor, Thorne can help them find one in its network of doctors via zip code.

Paul F. Jacobson, Thorne.

Paul F. Jacobson, Thorne.

“Our new home tests represent the intersection of data, technology, and personalization,” says Paul F. Jacobson, CEO of Thorne. “Through follow-up testing, people can compare results after making changes based on our recommendations, which will help them to better manage their health by clearly seeing what works and what doesn’t.”

The tests and types of samples required are: fertility (blood and saliva), heavy metals (blood), sleep (urine), stress (saliva), and thyroid function (blood). Later in 2018, Thorne will offer additional home health tests, including a comprehensive blood test panel for elite athletes or health-conscious consumers wanting a detailed analysis of their health.

Thorne’s home health test launch is part of a company rebrand and a relaunch of its website. The new Thorne website is designed to improve navigation and functionality, and it will integrate the home health test purchase experience. In addition, the new site expands functionality for Thorne’s network of healthcare practitioners around the world. Practitioners will be able to interact with patients through secure messaging, and will be able to send patients personalized supplement recommendations and instructions.

For more information, visit Thorne.