Torrey Pines Scientific, Carlsbad, Calif, has announced its new EchoTherm high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) column chiller/heater, model CO30.

The unit has a large, easily accessible chamber (15.625 inches high x 6.385 inches wide x 5.125 inches deep) that holds four 30 cm x 1-inch columns plus a valve, tubing, and fittings. The chamber door opens down the front, with columns, valves, and fittings mounted on the inside of the door for unobstructed access.

The column chiller/heater has a temperature range of 4.0°C to 70.0°C and controllability to 0.1°C. The proportional-integral-derivative (PID) temperature control software regulates temperatures to ±0.2°C, even at ambient temperature, and an internal fan ensures a constant chamber temperature.

Other features include an RS-232 input/ port for programming and data collection, a timer with user-settable auto-off, Peltier technology with no chlorofluorocarbons, separate chamber and valve drains, and a 12- month warranty. The unit comes with a valve-mounting hole, 3-wire AC line cord, fused high and neutral lines, and an instruction manual.

The column chiller/heater is available in models that operate on 100, 115, or 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz and is UL, CSA, and CE compliant.

To learn more, visit Torrey Pines Scientific.