Bioreactor Adaptor Kits

Adaptor kits for New Brunswick and competitive bioreactors

You can adapt your existing autoclavable bioreactor for use with New Brunswick’s CelliGen BLU single-use vessels, without the expense of replacing the entire controller. Eppendorf, Hauppauge, NY, offers adaptor kits for New Brunswick and competitive bioreactors, including Applikon® and Sartorius® bioreactors. The kits are lightweight, 5- and 14-liter, single-use vessels, presterilized and ready for use right out of the box—no cleaning or sterilization needed. All vessel components in product contact are made of USP Class VI materials and have been tested for leachables and extractables, making them appropriate for GMP environments. Applications include growth of mammalian and animal cell lines in batch, fed-batch, and continuous culture. Vessels include pitched-blade impeller, tubing, and filters. Vessel headplates incorporate penetrations for RTD temperature sensor, pH and DO probes, harvest, overlay, sampling, and sparge.

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Rapid-Flow Filter

Faster filtration of cell-culture media

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, offers the new Thermo Scientific Nalgene Rapid-Flow Filter, which enables faster filtration of cell-culture media. All Thermo Scientific Nalgene filter units and bottle-top filters will now incorporate the Nalgene Rapid-Flow™ membrane support system. The Nalgene Rapid-Flow design maintains membrane stability, providing better performance and increased flow rates for faster throughput of media. The Nalgene Rapid-Flow uses an array of evenly spaced columns that are close enough together to provide uniform support of the membrane, yet far enough apart to allow rapid filtration, resulting in improved flow rate and throughput.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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Cryogenic Vials, Microcentrifuge Tubes

Solves problems such as handling and manipulation of tubes and vials

BioCision LLC, Larkspur, Calif, introduces two new products aimed at addressing basic insufficiencies in common lab tools: TruCool™ cryogenic vials and TruCool microcentrifuge tubes. Intended for use with the company’s CoolCell® and CoolRack® product suites. TruCool Cryogenic Tubes are leakproof cryogenic tubes that feature a screw cap with a thermally fused gasket to ensure a tight seal. The gasket is a comolded thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) layer that replaces the traditional silicone O-ring and eliminates leaking, slipping, and risk of contamination. TruCool Ergonomic Microcentrifuge Tubes feature a patented design that offers a pull-back cap that reduces strain on the thumb by 40%, and prevents thumb contact with the tube—minimizing contamination risk. When used in CoolRack M microfuge tube modules, samples can be opened and closed while seated, minimizing tube handling, temperature fluctuation, and risk of contamination.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes and Spray

One-step cleaner disinfectants

Clorox Professional Products Company, Oakland, Calif, introduces Clorox Healthcare™ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Wipes and Spray, a new line of ready-to-use, one-step cleaner disinfectants engineered with a patented activated hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) formula. These activated hydrogen peroxide products are registered by the EPA to kill 32 bacteria and viruses in 30 seconds to 1 minute. Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide products are noncorrosive, compatible with many health care surfaces and medical equipment, and are recommended for daily surface disinfection facilitywide. The products use activators to deliver H2O2 directly into organisms’ cells, and leave no residues, which can damage equipment over time. They also are recommended for use on hard, nonporous surfaces such as stainless steel, vinyl, painted metals, glass, baked enamel, chrome, glazed tile, glazed ceramic, glazed porcelain, porcelain enamel, laminated surfaces, plastic, and sealed fiberglass.

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