Siemens offers a Reproductive Endocrinology webinar entitled, “The Role of Human Reproductive Hormones.” Reproductive hormones play an important role throughout life, starting at birth, through sexual maturation, reproduction, and the aging process. Laboratory testing is essential for the diagnosis and the effective management of conditions linked to reproduction, maturation and infertility. This presentation provides an in depth overview of human reproductive physiology and endocrinology focusing on the female and male reproductive systems.

The webinar aims to provide an in-depth overview of reproductive endocrinology; discuss how laboratory testing plays a crucial role in the assessment of the female and male reproductive systems and the diagnosis of infertility; and review the laboratory tests that are most commonly used in the diagnosis and monitoring of human maturation/reproduction and upcoming new markers being investigated.

The event will take place on May 9 at 11 am EDT. To register, click here.

Source: Siemens