Meller Optics Inc, Providence, RI, has produced a line of ultraviolet cell windows that are formulated from sapphire and single-crystal quartz for use with Beckman Coulter centrifuges and other instruments. The centrifuge cell windows are made from sapphire to resist chemicals, scratching, and high pressure and from single-crystal quartz for less demanding applications. Designed to allow full contents viewing with Beckman centrifuges and other instruments, they are available wedged 1° or 2° and plano, with chamfers 0.20/0 mm x 45° in two places. They feature an arrow scribed on their edge that projects the optic access for easy alignment. Sapphire windows measure 19.03 mm. ± 0.3 mm wide x 0.5mm ±0.10mm thick, and have a 30-5 scratch-dig surface finish. Quartz windows have a 10-5 finish with a central clear aperture of 16 mm, and both types are suitable for original equipment manufacturer and field-replacement use. For more information, visit Meller Optics.