pn14.jpg (10308 bytes)The Sorvall RC-4 floor model lowspeed centrifuge provides high capacity processing power and high throughput in a refrigerated 4-liter unit.
     The LH-4000 swinging bucket rotor accommodates 4 liters of sample and 250 or 500 ml tissue culture bottles in round buckets. With DoubleSpin rectangular buckets, the rotor spins up to 32 standard microplates, 8 deepwell plates or as many as 448 tubes per run. A windshielded version is available for high speed processing of temperature-sensitive samples.
     High-capacity fixed-angle rotors, including a lightweight, 1.5 liter composite rotor, deliver higher ‘g’s for bacterial processing, tissue culture and general pelleting work. The new Diagnostik rack rotor streamlines clinical processing by spinning tubes pre-loaded in clinical analyzer racks, while the Highplate rotor accommodates all brands of RNA/DNA filter plates to 85 mm in height.
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