pn14.jpg (10308 bytes)This company has launched the first of several new immunosuppressant assay applications on its Synchron LX and Synchron CX family of clinical chemistry analyzers.
     The new test, Cedia Cyclosporine, (CsA) Plus, is for the quantitative determination of CsA concentration in human whole blood. Used in conjunction with other laboratory data, the assay can aid physicians in the management of therapy in kidney, liver and heart transplants.
     The Cedia CsA Plus is a one-step lysis process that requires no centrifugation or decanting. Its dual-assay protocol features a low-range assay which measures samples from 25 to 450 ng/mL, and a high-range assay which measures samples from 400 to 2000 ng/mL. Labs can process up to 150 samples per hour. Cedia CsA Plus offers an excellent metabolite cross-reactivity profile and precision throughout the whole assay range, onboard reagent stability and liquid stable calibrators that require no freezing or reconstitution.
Beckman Coulter
Keywords: cyclosporine