The REVCO® Super Insulation -86°C ultralow temperature freezers feature a range of models designed for capacity and floor space efficiency in critical materials storage. The freezers enable laboratories to store more samples without taking up additional lab space. Wall insulation increases interior volume when compared with conventional freezers of an equivalent size, giving laboratories more capacity for safe sample storage in compact, space-saving, upright cabinets.
     Ultima® Series 25 and 32 cu ft models come standard with the IntrLogic™ microprocessor controller for sophisticated control. Security features include alarm monitoring and the CryoLatch™ security latch system, which provides keyed access and provisions for a padlock. Dependable refrigeration technology is standard across all models for sample security and optimal performance, even in demanding environments.
     REVCO -86°C upright freezers are fitted with an innovative Pressure Equalization Port™ for easy door opening. Comprehensive inventory systems provide easy access to stored materials, and a range of options includes temperature recorders, backup systems, inventory racks, and boxes.

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