PHC Corporation of North America (PHCNA), supplier of the PHCbi brand of cell preservation and growth products in the North America and Latin America markets, announced the launch of a new model of PHCbi brand VIP ECO SMART ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezer series for use in facilities including medical institutions, universities, and pharmaceutical companies. 

The MDF-DU703VHA-PA is the first PHCbi brand ULT freezer to feature dual voltage capability, allowing laboratories to switch between 115V and 220V power sources while benefiting from the award-winning energy-saving performance and enhanced security of the VIP ECO SMART series, the company says.

The VIP ECO SMART series was launched in 2023 to respond to the demand for accurate, dependable, and secure preservation equipment that minimizes power consumption while maintaining preservation capability. The series consists of HFC-free ultra-low temperature freezers that enable efficient and safe long-term storage of specimens and samples for researchers engaged in drug discovery and life science research. The series is available in 25.7 cu. ft. (729 L) and 18.6 cu. ft. (528 L) models, providing flexibility to be used in a variety of settings. 

The new PHCbi ULT model builds on the functionality of existing models by allowing laboratories to switch between 115V or 220V electrical power sources. While typical laboratory equipment is powered by either 115V or 220V, forcing laboratories to choose products based on available voltage sources, the MDF-DU703VHA-PA can function on either voltage and switch between the two with a simple power cord change. This added flexibility also allows researchers and healthcare providers to move essential cell preservation equipment from one location to another when needed, with the confidence that it can run from any outlet.

“The VIP ECO SMART series has already pushed the envelope with technical advances that support pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions in achieving their energy efficiency goals, enhancing security of cold storage, and increasing lab performance efficiency,” says Hans Brok, President of PHCNA. “Now with power source flexibility, the PHCbi brand is eliminating barriers so laboratories focus on critical research and patient outcomes instead of which power outlet they happen to have available.”

Other key benefits of the VIP ECO SMART series include:

  • Nearly 30% reduction in power consumption.i The VIP ECO SMART series uses a new inverter compressor that enables more efficient rotation control at low speed and a new dual refrigeration inverter control, reducing power consumption to 5.4 kWhii per day. This is a reduction of approximately 30% compared to current modelsii.
  • Enhanced security through electric lock with multiple authentication function. The VIP ECO SMART series features an electronic lock, accessible through password authentication, facial recognition, or an optional near-field communication (NFC) authentication, to accommodate a variety of facility needs.
  • Enlarged color LCD touch panel to improve visibility and operability. The VIP ECO SMART series offers a 10.1-inch color LCD touch panel, 1.4 times larger than that of the current models, with 1.6 times higher resolution. The panel supports more efficient laboratory workflow with multiple functions integrated into a simple, user-friendly, and easy-to-see screen. In the future, PHCNA plans to offer operation monitoring and maintenance management through data linkage with a cloud server.


i. As of February 15, 2024, ENERGY STAR certification. Certification Number: 2404812(MDF-DU703VHA-PA)/2404811(MDF-DU703VH-PA)/2404909(MDF-DU503VHA-PA)/2404910(MDF-DU503VH-PA) in the ultra-low temperature freezer category.

ii. ENERGY STAR Certified Lab Grade Refrigerators and FreezersFeatured image: PHCbi brand VIP ECO SMART Dual Voltage model MDF-DU703VHA-PA. Photo: Business Wire