Torrey Pines Scientific, Carlsbad, Calif, has introduced the EchoTherm model IC50, a Peltier-driven chilling and heating dry bath with exact sample temperature control. A temperature probe inserts directly into the sample or sample block, senses the temperature directly at the source, and sends that information to the unit to drive and control the temperature exactly where set. A sensor in the heater plate enables users to set the plate temperature and use the probe to monitor the sample temperature. The device can freeze, chill, or heat samples from –10.0°C to 110.0°C, and displays and controls temperature to ±0.1°C. The unit works with samples placed in assay plates, centrifuge tubes of all sizes, vials, test tubes, and other sample containers. The unit is particularly well suited to the molecular biology lab for completing hybridizations, sample prep for polymerase chain reaction, ligations, enzyme reactions, and deactivations. For more information, visit Torrey Pines Scientific.