Air Science, Fort Meyers, Fla, has introduced a new line of ductless nanoparticle containment enclosures. The Purair Nano enclosure is designed to contain nanomaterial particles that are 100 nm or less in diameter (ultrafine). Constructed with a stainless steel infrastructure, powder-coated fan filter units, and dual filtration options to ensure containment, the enclosure protects the operator from nanomaterial particles encountered during processing of carbon nanotubes, lithium batteries, and rare earth metals. The enclosure is available with the optional SafeSwitch filter shutter system for safer bag-in/bag-out filter exchange. It features filter clamping, which eliminates bypass leakage, and an exhaust canopy that allows for thimble ducting to the facility exhaust system. Enclosures are available in 24-inch, 36-inch, or 48-inch widths. For more information, visit Air Science.