Global Discovery Biosciences (GD Biosciences), Irvine, Calif, recently announced a partnership with LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services to make its protein unstable lesion signature (PULS) cardiac test available in Canada.

The PULS cardiac test is a simple blood test that identifies individuals who are at risk of experiencing a heart attack, and for whom early intervention can help. The test measures the body’s immune response to arterial or endothelial injury that leads to the formation and progression of cardiac lesions that can become unstable and rupture. Unstable cardiac lesion rupture is the most common cause of heart attack, causing up to 75% of all cardiac events. The PULS test is designed to enable preventive action at an early stage of disease progression, when it is most effective to improve patient care and potentially prevent death or disability.

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death and disability for both men and women in Canada and worldwide.

“We are eager to reach the Canadian population with our PULS cardiac test and potentially prevent people from having heart attacks that could otherwise be avoided,” says Douglas Harrington, MD, CEO and medical director of GD Biosciences, and creator of the PULS cardiac test. “LifeLabs is an outstanding healthcare partner in Canada with a long history of quality and innovation, delivering optimum laboratory services to Canada.”

LifeLabs is a provider of laboratory testing services in Canada, performing more than 100 million tests each year.

“We are very pleased to be working with GD Biosciences and making available the PULS test to all Canadians,” says Jeff Sumner, senior vice president of business development for LifeLabs’ clinical affairs and genetics division. “We all appreciate the benefits of early diagnosis of disease, including heart disease, and the PULS test is further evidence of LifeLabs’ commitment to bring new, innovative, clinically useful diagnostics to Canada in our effort to keep Canadians healthy.”

For more information, visit GD Biosciences or LifeLabs.