Jitterbug 2 and Jitterbug 4 Benchtop Microplate Thermoshakers


Boekel Scientific, Feasterville, Pa, has introduced the Jitterbug 2 and Jitterbug 4 benchtop microplate thermoshakers, which are offered in two-plate and four-plate models. The units comprise three instruments in one, and can be used as a microplate thermoshaker, as a shaker without incubating, or as an incubator without shaking. Variable speed and temperature controls can be programmed to deliver precise, sample-processing requirements. A programmable timer displays elapsed time and automatically sounds an alarm when the process is complete and the unit turns off. The compact units feature a low profile, a small footprint, and noise-free operation. The shaking function features a soft start, which reduces splashing and spillage. The low-voltage power supply enables safe operation in a cold room or incubator.

Boekel Scientific
(800) 336-6929