pn18.jpg (5957 bytes)This company has released a new type of pipette tip with an extended capillary end. It is designed to fit 2µl and 10µl pipettes. The total length of 45mm makes pipetting easier and less prone to cross-contamination.
     This longer tip can reach the bottom of 1.5ml tubes. The pipette shaft and ejector are not forced into close proximity of the inside of the “neck” of the tube. This eliminates what had previously been a significant source of contamination in PCR applications.
     The long narrow capillary extension has an outer diameter of approximately 0.9mm, allowing entry into very small openings. The extra length tips cost no more than standard tips.
     This company offers a range of liquid handling instruments and consumables. Pipette tips fit their own and other manufacturers pipettes.
Denville Scientific
Keywords: supplies, molecular diagnostics