Micronic Amber tubes in rackStorage Tubes
Designed for Light-Sensitive Samples
Micronic, Lelysted, the Netherlands, offers 0.75 ml and 1.40 ml amber-tinted polypropylene storage tubes that ensure the integrity of light-sensitive biological samples even over long-term storage periods. The tubes are manufactured from special amber-colored material, eliminating sample degradation from exposure to light while still permitting visual checking of the enclosed sample volume. Used in conjunction with a secure screw cap or push cap, the tubes are available in non-coded and laser-encrypted 2D-coded formats.
(484) 480-3372; www.micronic.com


Air Science Laminar Flow cabinetVertical Laminar Flow Cabinets
Manufactured with rear-wall perforations
Vertical laminar flow cabinets from Air Science, Fort Myers, Fla, are manufactured with rear-wall perforations that remove a small amount of air at the rear of the cabinet to minimize turbulence. Airflow directly strikes the work surface, and an ultra-low particulate air filter is mounted above it, providing a taller, deeper work space. Cabinets are available in 36-, 48-, and 72-inch widths. All three models provide a nominal filter face velocity of 0–45 m/s (90 fpm).
Air Science
(800) 306-0656; www.airscience.com


SE AireStreamHood Image.inddFume Hood
Provides total chemical resistance
The UniFlow Aire Stream fume hood from Hemco Corp, Independence, Mo, is a high-performance fume hood that maximizes user protection and energy savings. Hoods are constructed entirely of chemical resistant, flame retardant, non-metallic composite resin materials and feature “unitized” construction that does not require metallic hardware. Chemical reactions are performed inside the fume chamber, behind a sash, to provide a safe working environment for the user.
(816) 796-2900; www.hemcocorp.com


Diba Type S ferruleType S Ferrule Connection System
Suited for HPLC applications
The Type S ferrule for 10-32 conical ports with a Click-N-Seal fitting from Diba Industries Inc, Danbury, Conn, is pressure rated up to 2,500 psi, making it well suited for liquid chromatography applications. The connection system provides a secure, tool-free way to connect 1/16-inch OD PEEK tubing into a 10-32 high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-type conical port. The system uses Diba’s patented Click-N-Seal torque-limiting fitting, which eliminates guesswork and is suitable for such smaller, precision fluid connections as those found on HPLC instruments.
Diba Industries
(203) 744-0773; www.dibaind.com


Ion Bench noise enclosureNoise Reducing Enclosures
Mass spec vacuum pumping
Ion Bench, San Diego, has released noise enclosures for mass spectrometry vacuum pumps designed to achieve a 75% reduction in noise perception. The enclosures feature 110/220 V silent technology cooling fans, with thick acoustic foam covering the interior of the cabinet. The enclosure is ventilated by double ball-bearing fans, and utilizes nonflammable, heat-resistant materials. The unit also includes an overheating temperature alarm, which signals via a red light-emitting diode and a continuous audible alarm buzzer.
Ion Bench
(617) 517-3053; www.ionbench.com


Kimtech-pure-A7-lab-coat-11346-47651Cleanroom Lab Coat
Available in bulk packaging
The Kimtech Pure A7 cleanroom lab coat from Kimberly-Clark Professional, Roswell, Ga, provides enhanced chemical and biological protection and superior contamination control for cleanroom environments. Available in bulk packaging, the lab coats are easy to don and doff. Features include an advanced barrier fabric, low lint to reduce contamination risk, and elastic wrist and thumb loops. The coat can be diverted from landfills through the RightCycle recycling program by Kimberly-Clark Professional.
Kimberly-Clark Professional
(800) 241-3146; www.kimtech.com


Platinum Code cohesive bandagesCohesive Bandages
Features non-latex material
PlatinumCode, Lakeville, Minn, offers a line of cohesive bandages that are typically used in place of adhesive bandages or medical tape. Designed to produce a pain- and trauma-free experience, the bandages are made of non-latex, stretchy material that sticks to itself. The bandages enable light compression, are easy to tear, and are safe on all skin types. Customers can select from six colors and sizes, including 1-, 1.5-, 2-, 3-, 4-, and 6-inch models. PlatinumCode also recently released all-new camouflage patterns.
(888) 446-9965; www.platinumcode.us


Thermo Fisher refrigeratorHigh-Performance Refrigerators, Freezers
Units provide significant energy savings
A series of high-performance refrigerators and freezers from Thermo Fisher Scientific, Waltham, Mass, has been developed to support sustainability objectives by lowering energy usage and reducing noise output. The Thermo Scientific TSX series refrigerators and freezers feature V-Drive variable speed compressor technology, designed to facilitate improved performance and provide significant energy savings. The series is as little as one-tenth as noisy as previous-generation models, with sound levels approximating those of a household refrigerator.
Thermo Fisher Scientific
(800) 678-5599; www.thermofisher.com


Torrey Pines IC22XT BathDigital Chilling and Heating Dry Bath
Saves bench space
Torrey Pines Scientific Inc, Carlsbad, Calif, has released the two-position EchoTherm model IC22 digital chilling and heating dry bath for use in chilling or heating biological samples from 10°C to 100°C. Saving valuable bench space, the device can run two separate or identical temperatures and two different sample blocks at the same time. The unit has a built-in data logger, 30-day countdown timer with alarm, and RS232 interface, making it suitable for use with robotic systems.
Torrey Pines Scientific
(760) 930-9400; www.torreypinesscientific.com


Pentair subracksSubracks
Developed for shock and vibration requirements
Pentair, Warwick, RI, offers Schroff subracks for shock and vibration requirements between 5 g and 25 g as part of its standard product portfolio. The subracks feature self-locking assembly screws, special rounded corners and edges, and an additional top cover lock for access protection, added safety, and sound insulation. Additionally, the subracks can be equipped with guide rails for conduction-cooled assemblies. An electromagnetically compatible textile gasket is resistant to higher temperature ranges. 3D computer-aided detection data can be downloaded from the TraceParts online platform, free of charge.
(763) 545-1730; www.pentairprotect.com