Roche Diagnostics has purchased assets from BioMicro Systems for all products associated with the Roche NimbleGen microarray workflow.

These assets consist of key instrumentation in the comprehensive Roche NimbleGen microarray workflow including the NimbleGen Hybridization Systems (both 4- and 12-bay models). Also included in this purchase are array accessories covering all mixers designed for the Roche NimbleGen high-density microarray portfolio. Roche Diagnostics will continue to provide global sales, service, and support for all products in the NimbleGen microarray workflows.

With the purchase of these assets, Roche Diagnostics will transfer the manufacturing capabilities for the above products to an in-house manufacturing facility. According to Andreas Görtz, VP of Marketing at Roche NimbleGen, ‘The acquired products are integral to the high quality data the NimbleGen array workflow provides researchers worldwide. Acquiring these assets will allow Roche complete control over the production, support and service of these products to ensure continued timely distribution, full support and the high level of service our customers have grown to expect from Roche.”

Source: Roche