Sartorius Corp, Bohemia, NY, has introduced the FlexiBulk concept for packaging pipette tips. Compared with conventional bulk tip packages, stackable FlexiBulk boxes occupy less space and cut packaging waste, reducing laboratories’ transportation costs and carbon footprints. Providing quick “pick and place” convenience for loading tips into tip racks or attaching directly to pipettes, the FlexiBulk system produces significant time savings over randomly packed bulk packages. Tips are certified as free of RNase, DNase, and endotoxins. They are produced and packaged under International Organization for Standardization class 8 cleanroom conditions, and their manufacturing process is fully automated, therefore reducing the potential for contamination. Additionally, the lid of the FlexiBulk boxholds an airtight seal, ensuring cleanliness of the tips during transportation and storage. The compact boxes, which are made of recyclable, durable polyethylene material (PET), can be stacked, without the need for outer cardboard boxes. Tips in FlexiBulk packs fit Sartorius pipettes, as well as most other pipette brands. The FlexiBulk packs cover a tip volume range from 0.5 ?l to 1,200 ?l. For more information, visit Sartorius.