MediSapiens, Helsinki, Finland, is expanding the delivery network of its software solutions for the curation, management, and analysis of genomic, clinical, and biomedical data, by offering the system via Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

The MediSapiens solutions make use of the company’s Explorer platform, which encompasses a variety of scalable software tools built to ensure that rapidly growing amounts of data can be curated to a harmonized, integrated, and quality-assured format. Thus stored and protected, such data can then be reliably and efficiently used for data-driven research in personalized medicine development and for other scientific and healthcare purposes.

“Microsoft is a prominent cloud platform provider for healthcare,” says Marko Kuisma, chief commercial officer at MediSapiens. “Microsoft’s focus on data security and regulatory compliance are perfectly matched with MediSapiens’ endeavors on bringing world-class genomic, clinical, and biomedical big data solutions to benefit healthcare facilities and clinical research not only in Finland but globally.

“We’re very excited about the partnership,” Kuisma adds. “Our collaboration with Microsoft means that many healthcare facilities will be able to implement MediSapiens’ data solutions to their existing IT infrastructure. Customers will be able to run heavy-duty genomic and clinical data analytics, but the data will never need to exit the customer’s firewalls.”

Microsoft will continue its strategy to partner with companies on the healthcare application layer, while providing secure cloud infrastructures for its customers.

“We are very pleased to have innovative partners like MediSapiens to provide world-class services using our technology,” says Matti Antila, partner business and development lead at Microsoft Finland. “Having genomic data interpretation solutions on Microsoft Azure jointly with MediSapiens is a step forward in using the best technology available for improved healthcare services.

“We are living in an exciting era where we can learn so much from increasing amounts of genomic, clinical, and biomedical data through efficient data interpretation and analytics solutions,” says Antila. “Partnering with MediSapiens opens up opportunities for new methods and practices for personalized medicine, paving the way for better treatments. Thanks to Microsoft Azure’s ubiquitous nature, together we can serve customers locally and globally in a safe and fast-paced mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

For more information, visit MediSapiens.