Workflow Management Solution

Track the progress of a slide from preparation to digitization

Ventana Medical Systems Inc, Tucson, Ariz, offers integration of the VIRTUOSO digital pathology software and VANTAGE workflow management solution. The VIRTUOSO-VANTAGE integration enables pathologists and lab managers to track the progress of a slide from preparation to digitization along with other critical slide information, giving the lab visibility into their processes to optimize lab workflow. With this integrated solution, pathologists using the software will be able to check the histology status of a pending slide, review the entire histology processing history of a slide, and provide image quality feedback to the histotechnologist for corrective action tracking. Lab managers using VANTAGE will be able to review the pathologist workflow of a case and run quality reports on digital slides. This workflow solution automates, streamlines, and integrates lab work and information flow to provide maximum productivity and patient safety gains. The image management software is a Web-based application that orchestrates the workflow around the digital slide, from the moment the slide is scanned until the slide image is viewed and the results reported.

Ventana Medical Systems Inc
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Wireless Monitoring Solution

Monitors temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity, and differential pressure

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc, Waltham, Mass, introduces the new Thermo Fisher Smart-Vue, an advanced wireless monitoring solution that helps to protect precious samples by providing monitoring of lab equipment, including such key parameters as temperature, CO2 concentration, humidity, and differential pressure. It is designed for controlled lab environments and can be installed on most lab equipment, including ultralow-temperature freezers, lab refrigerators, CO2 incubators, and in clean rooms.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
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