CAP logo_4ClrCollege of American Pathologists (CAP), Northfield, Ill, and mTuitive, Inc Centerville, Mass, have partnered to capture and report cancer pathology findings. The CAP electronic forms and reporting module (CAP eFRM) will facilitate production and use of standardized, encoded, and interoperable data sets for use in-patient care, registries, research, and biorepositories.

An application incorporating the CAP electronic cancer checklists (eCC), the system produces cancer protocols as a resource for pathologists to aid in effectively reporting surgical pathology findings necessary to provide quality patient care. The eCC includes 65 cancer protocols with 81 cancer case summaries in addition to two new tumor biomarker reporting templates for colon and lung cancer. The eFRM will be available as a basic, stand-alone version and as a wide-functionality version that can be integrated within a laboratory information system. For more information, visit College of American Pathologists or mTuitive