TransAS 3 Software

Manages multiple data-acquisition instruments via LAN

Elsys Instruments, Niederrohrdorf, Switzerland, has upgraded its client-server-based transient recorder application software. Designed for use with Elsys’ turnkey TraNET transient recorders and its TPCX data-acquisition modules, the new TransAS 3 software remotely controls the data-acquisition equipment over 1 Gbit Local Area Networks (LANs) from any location worldwide. The software enables easy, rapid configuration of several data-acquisition channels for various measurement tasks. For maximum productivity, complete settings and traces related to a project can be stored and recalled from disk, and one or several users can work with predefined GUI-layouts and hardware configurations. It also offers a unique event-controlled recording (ECR) for recording without dead time, as well as other data-acquisition modes including scope, block, and continuous for gap-free, real-time recording to the disk.

Elsys Instruments
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