Laboratory information system

Antek HealthWare LLC, Reisterstown, Md, introduces LabDAQconnect LIS, which supports reference laboratories and other facilities such as hospitals and clinics offering outreach programs. The system offers consolidated and cumulative patient reports, quality assurance functions, Web-based access, and management tools for workload, cost accounting, and resource utilization. It provides organization-based security, so each lab’s external clients has a unique patient database. Secure remote access can be offered to clients, allowing them to place orders directly into the system, which gives them direct access to patient reports while providing support for HIPAA compliance. A result export to clients’ EMR systems is available.

Antek HealthWare LLC
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Digital Pen

Data collection and storage

The Digital Pen from Anoto, Waltham, Mass, provides data collection and storage technology designed to support processes in clinical labs. The technology provides a way to capture and process handwritten data and transmit it from paper to digital text formats, while retaining paper originals. Information collected using the Digital Pen, which looks and writes like a typical pen, is transferred either by a docking cradle attached by USB to a computer, or wirelessly. Clinical trial investigators save time by concentrating on their research work without needing to learn new system interfaces for data collection and document management. The product’s applications help accelerate the development process by making clinical trials more cost-effective. The company works with a global network of partners in developing customized user-friendly forms and systems that make the collection, processing, and storage of data as user-friendly as possible through the universal experience of pen and paper.

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Consult 2.0

Online physicians’ guide

ARUP Laboratories, Salt Lake City, has released Consult 2.0 – The Physician’s Guide to Laboratory Test Selection and Interpretation. The guide includes expanded content and more algorithms to assist in diagnosis, with more than 1,500 tests, categorized by disease-related topics. Topic entries include clinical background information, test-ordering suggestions, and diagnostic advice. The guide is congruent with, and links to, national guidelines and relevant references, and offers more than 40 algorithms to support clinical decision-making. Updated and new content is released every 8 weeks. Navigation has been improved to enhance browsability and reduce the number of clicks needed to reach information. Index tabs on disease-related topic pages enable clinicians to move through the topic without scrolling. Accessible algorithm capabilities afford health care providers clinical decision trees with links to topics, eliminating the need to toggle between pages. Full-screen-width Web pages reduce scrolling and improve readability of informative tables within topics. ARUP Consult is available at no cost to health care professionals.

ARUP Laboratories
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Version 2.0 software

For Rapidlab system

Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics, Tarrytown, NY, offers version 2.0 software for the Rapidlab 1200 series blood gas system. The new software will be a required upgrade for existing customers and will be included on all Rapidlab 1200 systems in the future. Designed specifically for the critical care laboratory, the system provides test accuracy and comprehensive test menus, including blood gas, electrolytes, metabolites, and full CO-oximetry with rapid delivery of results. The product adds capabilities to enhance patient care, such as customizable panels for ease of use with frequently run profiles. QC performance is monitored and tracked through QC routines that have been added to the Rapidlab 1200 base unit software to facilitate regulatory compliance. Online troubleshooting guidance helps pinpoint and resolve fluidic difficulties, and when coupled with the improvements to the calibration sequences, the analyzer is in the ready state to deliver patient results.

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