10 mL Ovation

Macro volume pipette

VistaLab Technologies Inc, Mt Kisco, NY, offers the new 10 mL Ovation macro volume pipette to enhance speed and comfort for users with large-volume applications. Electronic operations coupled with the convenience of disposable tips that reach into tall tubes, flasks, and bottles improves productivity and accuracy in procedures that often rely on manual use of serological pipettes. A relaxed-grip design, low weight, and electronic operations reduce the effort needed for pipetting. A menu of liquid-handling functions provides precise and accurate dispensing of up to 50 times from a single aspiration; and mixing and serial diluting within a range of 200 µL to 10 mL. The pipette’s nozzle accommodates use with glass and plastic serological pipettes when extra length is needed to reach the bottom of tall vessels. An integrated calibration function is provided for making adjustments to ensure precision when using liquids of different viscosities and densities. Tips are available in nonsterile, sterile, and filtered-sterile options, with a variety of packaging configurations, such as the new recyclable VistaClear boxes.

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