Labtronics Inc now offers its version of NAP, the company’s data collection and analysis software for Technicon AAII and Alpkem RFA instruments.
     NAP 4.0, a full 32-bit application for Windows 2000 and Windows XP platforms, provides a complete data system for continuous flow and flow-injection analyzers.
     The new version features an innovative hardware configuration that uses USB technology to maintain a high-speed connection between the instrument and the PC. The user plugs in to start processing. The software upgrade simplifies the starting process and provides users with the option of running NAP on a laptop or notebook PC.
     NAP 4.0 also provides a new direct connection with Microsoft Excel. It can now automatically launch Excel, open a spreadsheet using a predefined template, and fill the spreadsheet with the run results. The full processing power of Excel can then be used to further process the data.
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