productIDTree provides flow schemes for rapid final identification of clinical bacteria and yeast using non-commercial methods and materials.
     IDTree is based on the new document M35-P and will be edited as new versions are printed. Procedures accurately identify most isolates from non-sterile body sites and are intended to be reported directly, not as presumptive identifications, because the likelihood of correct identification is comparable (>95% accuracy) to conventional methods.
     Tests include micro and macroscopic morphology, single-tube, spot, agglutination, disk, chromogenic media, fluorogenic, enzymatic or plate methods. Proprietary and molecular-based systems are not included. Lack of a positive identification from these tests does not rule out identification, but indicates the need for further testing.
      The software enables savings of $3 to $8 per isolate compared to other systems for common organisms.
Giles Scientific Inc.
Keyword: software, NCCLS