photoUser-Defined Software for the Hy-Tec 288 Plus automated immunoassay system complements its basic instrument software package, which permits testing of up to 25 autoimmune tests or more than 900 specific allergies.
     The software permits a lab to run ELISAs such as Lyme disease, measles and other immunology tests, in addition to the company’s allergy and autoimmune tests. The Windows-based system can handle 50 patient samples and 288 tests per run. It also has a bi-directional LIS interface, optional barcode reader, and multi-tasking capability. A modem accommodates remote operation, troubleshooting and the downloading of software updates.
     The first demonstration of the User-Defined Software was at the University of California at Los Angeles using the company’s Pyloragen test, which detects antibodies to Helicobacter pylori. The instrument also will be used in a study of high sensitivity C-reactive protein.
Hycor Biomedical Inc.
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