photoThis Micro-Albumin B test kit for the quantitative determination of small concentrations of albumin in urine is based on turbidimetric immunoassay methodology, using both mono- and polyclonal antibodies against human albumin.
    It allows accurate and reproducible measurement of microalbuminuria with a two-point calibration.
     When a sample is mixed with buffer and Antibody B, albumin in the sample combines specifically with anti-human albumin antibodies in the reagents to yield an insoluble aggregate that causes increased turbidity. The optically measured turbidity is proportional to the amount of albumin in the sample.
     The total precision studies give a 2.14 percent CV, 1.06 percent CV, and 1.00 percent CV at mean concentrations of 10.3µg/mL, 29.3µg/mL and 143.1µg/mL, respectively. The linearity of the assay is up to 160µg/mL. It has a lower limit of detection at 3µg/mL. Prozone phenomenon is not observed up to 10,000µg/mL. Automated applications are available from this company.
Wako Diagnostics
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