Clinical laboratory professionals are being asked to do more with less as 73% of labs are currently understaffed.  hc1, a provider identifying real-time insights and risk signals in complex laboratory data, is seeking to ease that burden with the development of its hc1 Workforce Optimization solution for labs that connects timekeeping data with testing data to optimize staffing based on volume by department.

Given the high stakes for organizations and the great need for solutions that are aligned with ensuring staffing levels and labor costs are optimized, Workforce Optimization will provide capabilities for forecasting and recommendations in  a near-turnkey solution to ensure lab departments and teams are adequately staffed based on their expected workload.

Lab leaders can request a demonstration as part of a limited early-adoption opportunity prior to the general availability launch in fall of 2023. While medical and information technologies in the lab sector have traditionally been fractured, early adopters will quickly realize the benefits of how the converged data sets can help increase retention of staff and improve patient outcomes. hc1 Workforce Optimization will:

  • Enable visibility of key performance indicators that can be viewed organization-wide or filtered by department
  • Offer staffing recommendations based on detailed analysis of staffing levels, lab volume, capacity and more
  • Provide business insights that show how past optimizations have affected business outcomes

“We know the tighter margins in healthcare due to labor shortages have created an urgent need to optimize staffing and expenses,” says Scott Hudson, senior director of sales and operations management,  hc1. “Workforce Optimization provides a data-driven solution connecting unique timekeeping data with lab testing data and we are seeking key partners who will play an important role in the development and adoption of this new solution and how its predictive insights can help guide decision making in real-time.”