The LabElite line of benchtop devices from Hamilton Storage Technologies, Franklin, Mass, offers an efficient way to automatically process and track samples while ensuring sample integrity. One of three available models, the LabElite DeCapper decaps and recaps tubes in 48-cryovial or 96-microtube racks. A new feature automatically adjusts the racks from portrait to landscape formats for processing, while a “secure mode” decaps and recaps only one row at a time, minimizing the time a tube is open and eliminating the risk of cross contamination. This feature also enables the rows to be paused for “point-of-use” pipetting between capping and recapping to accommodate manual workflows. The DeCapper can process all common tubes with internal and external thread caps, including Matrix, FluidX, Greiner Bio-One, Micronic, Nunc, and Corning. For more information, visit Hamilton Storage Technologies.