Applied Phlebotomy videosThe Center for Phlebotomy Education, Corydon, Ind, offers videos for teaching all health care professions what they must know about drawing quality blood samples safely and properly.

This series of five DVDs reflects current Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) standards and OSHA guidelines.

Dynamic 3-D animations vividly illustrate nerve injury, arterial nicks, platelet clumping, hematoma formation, and hemoconcentration.

Detailed demonstrations cover the critical aspects of venipuncture, skin puncture, and arterial blood gas collections. Also discussed are errors that collectors can introduce during sample collection, transport, and storage that alter test results, along with the types of injuries patients suffer from poorly performed venipunctures that can lead to litigation.

Written and directed by Dennis J. Ernst, MT(ASCP), titles in the series include:

Basic Venipuncture (revised 2010)

Preventing Preanalytical Errors (revised 2010)

Avoiding Phlebotomy-Related Lawsuits (revised 2010)

Skin Punctures & Newborn Screens (2008)

Arterial Blood Gas Collection (2009)

The videos are a resource for student and staff training, competence assessments, and in-house continuing education activities. P.A.C.E.® continuing education credit also available.

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[Source: Center for Phlebotomy Education]